After dinner entertainment ideas…

If you are hoping to make yours an exceptional event, with exceptional entertainment, welcome to The 3 Magicians. Simply the best in modern, bespoke, contemporary sleight of hand magic, x 3! Over the years your guests have probably seen a lot of comedians and after-dinner speakers, some went down really well and some possibly didn’t.  How can you capture an audience, lift the atmosphere at the end of dinner, get your guests laughing and leave them with their jaws wide open? The Three Magicians can do this.

“Thanks again for an amazing show. Everyone is talking about it around the offices today. People are still baffled at how you got their watches… Again, thanks to you, Andy and Iain for being a great laugh.” Kate Sloka, Advisor Plus

The 3 Magicians can even make the boss appear, but not vanish, sorry! Whether there are 50 or 500 people, startling magic, mystifying mind-reading, Dickensian pickpocketing and audience participation… that will ensure a laughter filled show.

“What an excellent evening’s entertainment. We booked Iain & Andy for our Chamber awards dinner and got great value for money. His act kept the crowd buzzing all through the evening and he amazed even the toughest cynics with a smooth mixture of humour, mischief and top drawer magic. A great night.” Jo James, Chief Executive, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

After Dinner Entertainment

The venue is perfect, the band has arrived, the guests have eaten well and enjoyed the wine. It’s time for the After Dinner Entertainment. The 3 Magicians take to the stage and within seconds they will have caught the attention of your guests… At last you can relax and enjoy yourself!

Iain “Ladies and Gentlemen, before we start our show we have been asked to make an announcement, because something has been handed in.” (He holds up a watch)

Matt “Could you all please check your wrists? Is anyone missing a watch?” (He holds up a watch)

Andy “Or Another watch?” (He holds up a watch, or two, or three, or four…)

In fact The 3 Magicians usually start their show by returning about half a dozen watches, and maybe a few other items too (to give a couple of examples: at their annual dinner at Cliveden House the CEO of a multinational was surprised to find his glasses had been stolen, and his room key! And a Company Director was puzzled as he could hear his phone ringing on stage, but not from his pocket). It’s a unique start to a show that your audience are unlikely to have seen the like of before.

 “An intelligent, sophisticated twist on traditional magic, with a mix of close up trickery and a dynamic full-on set”
Darrell Matthews – Institute of Directors

Performed by a trio of highly experienced professional magicians, each with their own area of expertise and unique skills, your guests will gasp in amazement and laugh in wonder. Having worked closely together at a decade of private and business events throughout the UK and abroad, entertaining Royalty, celebrities, and at thousands of corporate functions of every type you can be assured that the after dinner entertainment of your guests is in good hands. Please note, we are flexible too! Some events don’t require the 3 of us. We can work as a duo too!

“Thanks for such wonderful entertainment last Saturday. What great memories you have left us with.”
Sir William Bromley-Davenport

Just as an additional note: we can combine our show with hosting e.g. a raffle or auction. Please feel free to get in touch and we’re happy to see if we can add value to what we do and help you raise funds.