Close up magicians: imagine a dinner with applause & laughter at every table, x 3!

“It was an excellent evening and everyone thoroughly enjoyed your performances throughout the night – a lot of fun!  Great to meet you all…” Jane MacGregor, Senior Manager, Leeds Law Society

Your guests will be royally entertained by a trio of highly experienced professional magicians. Close up magic forms the modern life-blood of magical entertainment. It is the ideal form of entertainment for guests during a reception drinks period (the magician typically circulating informally and gathering small groups of guests together) and during a dinner (the magician entertaining with table magic between courses). But with a lot of people out there claiming to perform close up magic how can you tell who is any good? The simple answer is to find the best, busiest (because the more you do something the better you get) working professionals, and see what their previous clients say about them. Here are just a few individual testimonials:

Feedback about Andy
“Dear Andy, Just a short email to express our sincere thanks for such a brilliant evening tonight. Everyone thought you were skilful, humorous and simply the best entertainer we have ever had. High praise indeed.” David Brewer, York Advanced Motorcycling Group
Feedback about Iain
“Just a short note to thank you for your magic last Thursday, you are an awesome performer … everyone was amazed”. Andrew McFarlane, MD, Colliers International
Feedback about Matt
“I’ve seen lots of magicians and you are the best I have seen, because of the rapport you have with the people” Faye Dawson, Pfizer

Close up magicians - Andy at Wembley Stadium Magicians, Mind-Readers & Pickpockets

Cutting edge close up magic…

Ensuring that your magical entertainment could not be bettered…. exceptional sleight of hand and unique magical effects that are at the cutting edge of close-up magic.

“Just a quick one to say thank you so much for the excellent entertainment last week. You once again performed professionally and amazed all our guests. We have had lots of positive comments and would certainly recommend you for future events. Hope to see you again soon.” Liz Beverley, Ordnance Survey

The 3 Magicians bring exceptional sleight of hand and unique magic to your event, as they can secretly co-ordinate like no one else can. In addition they each have their own area of expertise and unique skills making them the only trio of magicians in the UK with specialist skills in mind reading and pickpocketing, adding depth and variety to your guests’ experience, and ensuring that their magical entertainment could not be bettered.

Andy – Misdirection…. your guests will gasp in amazement at some of the best sleight of hand magic that they will ever see. Because Andy’s magic is based on misdirection his type of magic can’t be done on TV and has to be seen live.
Iain – Mind Reading… jaws will drop with revelations and insights that just are impossible, you guests’ very thoughts impossibly plucked from their minds. Iain’s skills have been recognised by The Magic Circle as outstanding – he is AIMC Silver Star (a Level even Dynamo has only recently been awarded due to his TV success).
Matt – Pickpocketing… it is an awesome moment when someone realises that their tie is missing, and that the “magician” who is entertaining them is wearing it.

Between them The 3 Magicians have a half a century of performing experience. They all independently started out by performing close up magic and have performed at many thousands of events of every sort imaginable. From private events with just 2 guests (e.g. the engagement of a Sheik in Dubai), to corporate conferences with 1,000+. From private parties (e.g. for Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Sir Richard Branson) to TV shows. From Christenings to 90th birthday parties and at everything in between. As busy professionals, practising or performing almost every day, this wealth of experience ensures that your guests will be royally entertained with the very best sleight of hand close up magic and outstanding table magic, mind reading and pickpocketing.

A case study: Andy, a close up magician and a master of misdirection….

With a relaxed delivery and a quick wit Andy performs misdirection-based magic that will astound your guests. Performing with almost anything the guests have in front of them, e.g. their cutlery and wine glasses, plus the classics of magic (including playing cards, money – preferably theirs! – and his twist on the famous “cups and balls trick”), he’ll fry their brains with card skills, transform coins with a gentle rub, and make full drinks appear from nowhere…

“Andy did a fantastic job”. John Howard RBC Wealth Management

To give an example of Andy’s card magic skills: a card is signed by a volunteer. It vanishes, only to appear under their drink on the table in front of them. Typically the guests then agree to watch more carefully, but the closer they watch the less they see. It vanishes again – the guests usually look under the glass. It’s not there. In fact it’s eventually found, but under the watch of the person who signed the card. It’s a jaw dropper. Andy’s style of magic can’t be done on TV and has to be seen live to be believed.

Top Hat & Tails

top-hats-tailsAs performed for Royalty…

Bringing that extra touch of classical style to black tie dinners , exclusive formal events and, surprisingly, Moulin Rouge events too: The Three Magicians are the only trio of magicians who regularly entertain in top hats* and tail suits.

If your guests are smarter than the entertainers something is wrong! In their immaculate formal attire The Three Magicians differentiating themselves from your guests and help to make the atmosphere a little more distinguished. Performing elegant sleight of hand magic, with wit and bonhomie, their complimentary styles of magic ensure that your guests will be royally entertained.

“Thanks ever so much for adding a hefting helping of sparkle and magic to our Christmas Party last night.  We were really glad that you could join us for the evening. Hope to see you all again soon. Best wishes for a Happy Christmas!” Sue Owens, Assistant to Senior Vice President – EMEA Reebok Europe

Close up magicians - in Top Hat & Tails, Chatsworth House wedding. Magician & Top Hat* It’s often asked – sorry, no, there are no rabbits in their hats. Photo (Left): Entertaining at wedding celebrations at Chatsworth House.