Corporate entertainment ideas can be hard to find. You may have a venue, the event theme perhaps and a Band/DJ. But what’s new out there? How do you bring laughter, applause, a load of surprises and a touch of magic to the night? How do you make it the event everyone will talk about and remember for a long time to come?

“They were FANTASTIC!!! Made such a refreshing change from the usual comedians they book and they really stole the show. We were so impressed, I’m hoping they would be available for another dinner I’m organising…” Jo Reevs, Catering Equipment Suppliers Association

Corporate Entertainment Ideas: Magic on the Menu

A unique undercover comedy waiter magic act. Disguised as waiters from the venue The 3 Magicians will be there at the very start of your event and look after your guests as they arrive. They will cater for your diners with a plausible, but slightly eccentric service. As the evening progresses the show develops too: having kept a low profile their unusual personalities slowly develop and the introduction of some impromptu magic takes guests by surprise. Their spoon-bending, bottle-producing, pickpocketing antics comically escalate between courses and it slowly dawns on guests that they have been a part of an entertaining undercover magical scam.  Their cover is finally fully blown as they combine to present their finale after dinner show, with participation, laughter, and maybe even the MD as a guest star. (Incidentally The 3 Magicians could make the boss appear – but not vanish!) Guests The 3 Magicians have entertained include HRH Prince Edward, and the LTA Davis cup team including Tim Henman and Andy Murray, to name-drop a few.

“Re our Conference Dinner… Magic on the Menu were fabulous and they went down a treat with our conference delegates.  Matt, Andy & Iain were very entertaining and extremely professional. On behalf of the Finance Contact Steering Group, please would you pass on our heartfelt thanks to the ‘Magic on the Menu’ team for providing such an entertaining & enjoyable evening.’” Jill Moran, Communications Lead Finance & Informatics Skills Development Network

Corporate Entertainment Ideas: Undercover Waiters - reception drinks aboard the Silver Sturgeon, London
Not the Singing Waiters! Aboard The Silver Sturgeon, London
Party Entertainment Ideas
Pickpocket Waiter aboard The Silver Sturgeon, London

“Everything went really well with Magic on the Menu. They were great guys and had our colleagues in awe!” Anne-Marie Jarvis – EON

Pioneered by The 3 Magicians over the last decade their undercover magical waitering transforms what could be just another dinner into an unforgettable event. It’s a whole new twist to the standard format of table-hopping magic. There’s no card tricks, no magical introduction, and it is not a “wacky waiter” show: just good, polished, proven entertainment. If you have been involved with corporate entertainment ideas over the last decade it is quite likely that you have been entertained by opera singing waiters. If you liked the concept and you want to surprise and create an impression on your clients, staff or friends at your next dinner… Psss… It’s a secret! If you are considering having us along to perform Magic on the Menu please keep it a complete secret. Or at least allow as few people in on it as possible. “We are 3 unusual waiters, serving a whole menu of surprises, comedy, and magic. It’s a corporate entertainment idea used by the singing waiters acts and here with magical twist. We present to you a Menu -explaining the show in more detail and a list of great reasons to hire Magic on the Menu”

“Hi Boys You were fab – many people have said the highlight of the evening!” Jo Britton, Head of Events, The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

We would love to come along and entertain your guests. But why hire us?

Here is some info about why we hope we’d do a great job of contributing to the success of your event.

“Thanks ever so much for adding a hefting helping of sparkle and magic to our Christmas Party last night.” Sue Owens – Reebok Europe

You can be reassured the entertainment of your guests is in good hands. We aim to give you, an event organiser, a stress-free experience in hiring us and to ensure that the feedback you will get will be excellent. Which is why we have written some brief reassurances and info on our professionalism about our show concept, additional info, FAQs and benefits…

  • Unforgettable… Looking for Corporate Entertainment ideas? Our show is something different! It’s something new! We will help to make your event unforgettable. We bring an astounding magical evening, full of fun, laughter, amazement, surprises and the kicker effect of having been an undercover act all along – and not a card trick in sight! We will help to make your event stand out and make one that will keep your guests talking about your party for a long time to come.
  • We are great value! We entertain from the moment guests arrive for their reception drinks, throughout dinner and perform an after-dinner show that will have everyone laughing. The experience of your guests is that their evening is filled with on-going surprises, magic, laughter and a great gotcha! You could hire a meet and greet act, a walkabout act, standard table magicians and caricaturists and an after dinner comedian. Or just hire The 3 Magicians! (See above)
  • We include everyone in a fun night… from table magic to our after dinner show. We get great coverage throughout your event so that your guests will laugh heartily at our close up table magic, and we have magic in our show that includes the whole audience* and wakes them up too after a long diner! We include a handful of people on stage too where they will get a lot of laughs (Incidentally re. volunteers: we can co-ordinate with our bookers to select our helpers and/or we have a few hours during dinner to find some good fun characters).

* Though we involve the whole audience (see You Tube clip), we don’t do things like getting them all to hold hands (singing waiters show style) as we understand that although this can be great fun it can be a bit of an uncomfortable moment for some.

“You couldn’t have had more glowing reviews.” Debbie Ball, Ball Associates

  • The Boss will be happy! As we have a great hand-over at the end of our show – if he wants to say a few words he’ll have just got a huge round of applause on stage with us as a part of our finale.
  • Professionalism… borne of an enormous amount of experience (between them The 3 Magicians have performed at many thousands of businesses and private events throughout the UK and overseas). The 3 Magicians will ensure that everything, from punctuality (arriving early on the day) to sound checks, their appearance (e.g. uniforms) and their show, will run smoothly. Skilled, polished and professional.
  • Testimonials… there are many throughout this site and we can provide 100’s more if you would like to read them!
  • Audience Size… from 10 to 1,000 guests. We are (a great corporate entertainment idea) ideal for audiences of just a single table to dinners with many hundreds of guests. With a small event we can split up and divide, performing as a duo or even individually (STA you could choose to have a magical or pickpocket or mind reader slant to the event). e.g. if there are fewer than about 50 guests we recommend having two or even just one of us, otherwise it can be overkill (Our act is best when it is believable, which relies on subtlety). As a trio of magicians we can entertain at large events, providing good coverage where one magician wouldn’t make a dent. And with audiences of 300+ we recommend additional table magicians to get good coverage. We have a select handful of simply excellent and very experienced additional magicians (e.g. we have had 6 magical waiters entertaining in the Great Ballroom, Park Lane Hotel, London).
  • The 3 Magicians or a Comedian? Whereas a comedian might not appeal to everyone, or worse still die completely, our act is magical, inclusive and pretty funny too! It might also reassure you to know that we are an entirely “clean” act – we don’t swear / use bad language like a comedian might.
  • Not Crazy Waiters! Please Note for your reassurance and for your Venue: we are not a “Crazy Waiter” show. Our act relies on subtlety and works best if inconspicuous for a good period at the start. We are low-key, modest, and perhaps just need to be able to serve the champagne, canapés, wine and water to generate the interaction we need do what we do. We do not bash and bang about and stand on tables, we don’t complicate the evening with set-up disruptions, we don’t get involved with the food service, etc
  • Like Singing Waiters and more… We love the Singing Waiters act. In fact we have worked alongside them many times, but we think we have some extra benefits. A lot of people have now seen the singing waiters act. Although it can be simply brilliant it lacks surprise to most people who have attended a corporate function or wedding in the last decade. We still have that surprise factor. In addition the singing waiters often have a straight-forward plot and might sing 6-8 songs. We are interactive all evening. We might end up having done 30+ different magic tricks* each and entertained at 10 tables before we even start our show.

* From making those little hotel pots of jam appear, to spoon bending (probably badly to start with, guests often glance sideways at each other and politely smile), coin tricks and magic with pretty much anything available in the room – i.e. no card tricks or magic props that might make us look like magicians.

“I just wanted to thank you all for a superb evening’s entertainment at The Victoria and Albert a couple of weeks ago.  It was perfect for the type of event we were organising and even those of us who knew what was going on, were surprised by some of the waiters! We had very positive feedback from the delegates the following day and were constantly being asked ‘how did they do that?’ so all in all a very successful evening! Thank you!” Mary Burmester, Conference Manager, Schering

  • Unique… The entertainment we provide is genuinely unique – we are the only trio of magicians made up of a magician, mind reader and a pickpocket. As a consequence we bring tremendous variety to your event and your guests will experience and unusually broad range of magical entertainment, including close up magic, table magic and a show.
  • Flexibility… we can fit in around everything else, from the dinner service to awards between courses. As we are waiters we are able to interact naturally throughout the meal, so there is very little down-time and as a result our coverage is much better. E.g. as a table magician you stop working if guests are eating, but as waiters we can continue to interact naturally. Occasionally at Awards Nights these are announced and presented in the gaps between the courses, a normal table magician would have to stop working while the awards were made and the food served or being eaten, meaning they may spend most of their time standing around. We don’t!
  • Do you have an event theme?… Our Magic on the Menu act fits in naturally with almost any other theme from 007 James Bond to Victorian or Medieval, because you have to have waiters. Our undercover waiting service will fit in around this so that the gaps are filled and your guests royally entertained.
  • Self-contained… We can be entirely self-contained with our own uniforms, P.A. system (suitable for audiences of up to 400) and radio microphones etc. You have no additional hire costs.
  • The Extra Mile… And finally, because it can be so important, we love what we do. We 3 have been performers for a long time and it is only by doing an outstanding job, by helping you to organise an event with less stress, by getting great feedback and recommendations and by being hired more than once (hint!) that we get to do what we do – entertain with exception. Plus we might even wash the dishes at the end of the night…

“Thanks so much for a great show, it amazed me how long it took some people to realise :-) Great job, and thanks!!!!!!!!!” Tresilian Segal, Intersystems

Reception: Manning The Cloak Room at The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool. Corporate Entertainment Ideas: Undercover Staff