If you are hoping to give your guests something to talk about there is little better than experiencing a good mind reader. Iain is a great mind reader. With flawless sleight of hand and a cheeky ability to read your thoughts Iain’s skills as a mind reader will be unforgettable to your guests.

“Utterly brilliant – you’re amazing!” Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff MBE

magic-circle2Iain has had a life-long love of magic. His knowledge is encyclopaedic and he is recognised by the magic fraternity as a leading thinker on the subject. He regularly reviews magical innovations and has numerous publications and even DVDs teaching sleight of hand card magic to his name. His skills have been recognised by The Magic Circle as outstanding – he is AIMC Silver Star (a level even the famous TV magician Dynamo has only recently been awarded – due to his TV success).

“Iain mesmorised everyone with his close up magic. It was a hugely successful evening, and everyone was truly amazed.” Hazel Coe – ITV

Over recent years Iain has focussed his attention on developing as a mind reader. With a modest manner, an engaging personality and a touch of cheekiness, Iain includes guests in a deceptively simple way. Either performing close up, at tables or within The 3 Magicians’ after dinner show Iain can astound audiences, often telling them words they may have thought of, describing pictures they drew secretly, by appearing to influence their behaviour, making uncannily accurate predictions and occasionally even naming their pets!

“I would like to say a big thank you as you captivated your audience and we were all amazed”. Jackie Wild Purchasing Manager, Leggett Europe

Of course he’s not really psychic, he’s a magician mind reader that uses techniques of ESP and mnemonics to appear to be psychic, and your guests will swear he’s as close as it comes without a superpower.

Talking of superpowers…
The 3 Magicians are unique in the way they overlap in their performances. Matt brings his associated magical skills too: telekenesis (a bit like Uri Geller’s famous skills). He’s not a mind reader but will astound your guests with his ability to bend their coins, cutlery, keys and even their wine glasses. He’ll stop their watches with his mind, move their glasses without touching them and levitate their wedding rings on to his own finger. It really is incredible to witness.

“Thank you so much for all your entertaining on Saturday – you really were Magic! The crowds were delighted!!! Your lovely personality helped the evening be so enjoyable, relaxed and easy for everyone! Thank you – you were just GREAT!” Alex Dunning, Williams BMW