The 3 Magicians have some great event magicians throughout the UK with whom they work.

1. Multiple Events Nationwide

If you are organsing multiple events nationwide and require a lot of close-up or table magicians in all sorts of places and even on the same date The 3 Magicians can help you do this: with event magicians they know and trust from Sterling to Southampton you will be able to ensure a very high level of professionalism and skill from them all.

2. Events with 250+ Guests: “The Top 10 UK Magicians”

“Hi, I am seriously impressed with your guys! They were brilliant, great fun and absolutely perfect for my event.” Mark @ Persimmon Ball, York Racecourse

If you require more than 3 magicians to entertain at a single event, with walkabout magic or close-up table magic, The 3 Magicians are happy to put their A-team together. The 3 Magicians have worked with a lot of UK event magicians over the years and believe that they have a priority team of simply exceptional close-up and comedy magicians: based on their outstanding skill levels, entertainment value, professionalism and 100% reliability making them the best. Hence the team name “The Top 10 UK Magicians”! (Incidentally, to work out how many magicians you might need at a normal 3 course dinner, as a rough rule of thumb, one magician can get to about 10 tables of 10 people, i.e. 100 guests. Possibly up to 15 tables working very quickly: there is a trade-off between the number of tables entertained and the amount of time spent building a rapport and showing a variety of good magic).

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for last night!! Everyone loved having you all there so please thank everyone. I loved my G&T!! Have a great Christmas and New Year. Thank you again” Michelle Handscomb, Assistant Manager, Employee Events, Fidelity Investments International

To give a few examples we have performed as 4 magicians at Carden Park Hotel, 5 magicians at Ascot Pavilion, 6 magicians at the Heathrow Sofitel, 7 magicians at Wembley Stadium, 8 magicians in the Grand Ballroom at the London Hilton Park Lane, and we put together an incredible 34(!) Manchester United magicians for one match V Chelsea FC. Here are just a few of the team that day…

Event Magicians UK

Our Team of Magicians at Manchester United

Any ideas for a collective noun for a group of magicians?
Sorry to say we weren’t on the pitch that day – Man Utd lost.