Pickpocket Entertainer

“We could not have been more pleased to have you at the conference in Berlin and with your performance on the Monday evening. It was clearly one of the highlights of the conference.” EdCarhart, CEO, Fujifilm Sericol International.

Working as a team of pickpockets The 3 Magicians can combine to create some astonishing pickpocketing entertainment. Never overly intrusive, they actually use misdirection and laughter to subtly “borrow” items. Matt is our specialist pickpocket entertainer. He has one of the fastest watch-steals in the world and a unique way to steal someone’s tie. He can even take a tie off someone and put it on himself without them knowing. His pickpocketing is world class. An unusual career choice for someone with a degree in Law. Matt can work as a pickpocket entertainer whilst performing magic or even disguised as your waiter.

Pickpocket Entertainer Matt Windsor - stealing a tie at a wedding at Claridges Hotel, London Pickpocket Entertainer Matt Windsor - wearing a pickpocketed tie at a wedding at Claridges Hotel, LondonPhoto: Matt stealing a tie and putting it on himself. You can’t see the reaction of the guests around this but they are laughing very hard – honest! (Event at Claridges Hotel, London).


Performing as walkabout and table entertainers The 3 Magicians combine to astound your guests. Working as a trio their pickpocketing would rival the best street gangs(!) and the return of everyone’s belongings is seemingly impossible: without wanting to give anything away, to give just one example, your guests will be surprised when they find that their watches are missing, and stunned to find them on the bottle of wine in the ice bucket on their tables, or even around the stem of their wine glass in front of them. Reversing the concept of pickpocketing The 3 Magicians can also “putpocket” guests: this is where they place items in guests’ pockets without them knowing, from other people’s business cards to the venue’s cutlery!

“Hi Matt Sorry I couldn’t be there, but I have had lots of good reports. Everyone had a really good time, and I think you stole a wallet from Bart and also a mobile phone from Steve Gribby? Great!  My CEO has thanked me, so I seem to have achieved my objective. I have passed your details to a friend of mine that runs an events agency for future events.” Sarah Paynter, PA to Group Sales Director, Technetix LTD

Pickpocket: Matt’s “Watch dog!”

“The feedback from my colleagues has been that Matt was astounding” Debbie Young, Group Finance, British Telecom

One example of Matt’s unique skills is his “watch dog” trick. He steals someone’s watch and puts it inside a balloon dog. This is passed around the guests and back to Matt’s helper as their friends tell them “it’s a Watch Dog!” The person often starts to realise they are looking at a watch inside the balloon, and then there’s a lovely jaw-dropping moment as  he/she double takes at their wrist, realising that they are actually holding their own watch inside a balloon and hadn’t even realised it was missing. There’s a lot of laughter from the other guests too!


Pickpocket Entertainer Matt Windsor Pickpocket Entertainer Matt WindsorPhoto: “It’s a Watch Dog!” said his friends. (corporate event aboard The Silver Sturgeon, London).

Photo: realising her watch is inside the “watch dog” (a wedding at Hilltop Country House, Cheshire).

Pickpocket Entertainers: The After Dinner Show

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for today, you were quite literally ‘magic’. I haven’t laughed so much for a long time you were absolutely brilliant. The feedback from our guests was fantastic, it’s a shame you couldn’t stay to hear everyone… mention you in their closing speeches. Thank you once again and we will definitely be seeing you again next year, ideally you should be at all our events you really broke the ice for everyone” Gillian Stevens, Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

When it comes to their After Dinner Show The 3 Magicians often start with a pickpocketing surprise: “Ladies and gentlemen. Something has been handed in. Could you all please check your wrists? Is anyone missing a watch?” A ripple of surprise, and then laughter, and then applause spreads throughout the audience. Your guests are unlikely to have seen anything like it.

Undercover Magicians - Like Opera Singing WaitersPhoto: The 3 Magicians starting their after dinner show by returning pickpocketed watches, with Andy showing he has a few to sell from the night before too…

Pickpocket Entertainers: 007 James Bond Themed Events

“The feedback we have had has been fantastic – and next time I reckon we can go for the rabbit. We are all so impressed and hope to be in a position to book The 3 Magicians again.” Sue Smith, Manager – Customer Service, Gem Distribution Ltd.

Dressed as Secret Service agents The 3 Magicians pickpocket guests and also “putpocket” them – placing gadgets and incriminating items in their pockets, and then confiscating them… (more info here).

Themed Entertainers UK - Blofeld LookalikePhoto: two of The 3 Magicians dressed as MI5 Secret Service agents for a James Bond 007 themed event meet and greet, and Andy as his Blofeld lookalike character…

And finally, as an anecdote, at the opening party for Manchester235 Casino Matt stole Carlos Quieros’s watch (he was the assistant manager at Manchester United FC) and gave it to Sir Alex Ferguson to put on and surprise him.