Wedding magicians, pickpockets and undercover waiters…

The 3 Magicians will help to make your Big Day outstanding. Either performing as wedding magicians or with their undercover act “Magic on the Menu” your day will be filled with laughter and that extra tough of magic. In fact the guests are unlikely to have seen anything like it before.

The 3 Magicians would normally entertain during one or more of the following three periods:

1. The Reception Drinks / During the wedding photos.
There is often an hour or so after the service during which the happy couple are involved in photos. This is a perfect time to entertain the guests who are not involved, as it may seem a lengthy wait until the breakfast. The 3 Magicians circulate, gathering small groups together to entertain them, setting guests at ease and helping to create an atmosphere of fun and laughter, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

2. The Wedding Breakfast
The Table Plan is a notorious part of wedding planning. How can you fill those lulls during the day or bring laughter to a room of guests at a table that don’t necessarily know each other? Whether your guests are old friends or new acquaintances, The 3 Magicians will enliven their tables during the meal with close-up table magic, mind-reading and pickpocketing, bringing laughter, amazement and something to chat about, whilst also adding to the celebratory atmosphere in the room. If you are after something unusual Matt’s pickpocketing skills are exceptional: he can even give the groom some stolen watches so that he can start his speech by surprising the guests, displaying the watches and thanking everyone for the unexpected gifts. Your guests are unlikely to have ever seen anything like it.

3. The Evening Party
Simply great fun. Astonishing magic and part of an enjoyable and very memorable evening for all the guests. The 3 Magicians can entertain during the room turn-around, during the lull until the evening guests arrive, or simply as part of the party. From amusing the youngest children, astounding the Dynamo fans, to entertaining the elderly guests (who sometimes have difficulty hearing, especially with a loud DJ) with some amazing visual magic, they will ensure that everyone is entertained and involved.


Kym-Marsh-Wedding2Magic on the Menu – like opera singing waiters but with magic

The 3 Magicians are no ordinary wedding magicians, there are no card tricks and no magical introduction… they work disguised as waiters from the venue, slowly introducing magic during the reception drinks/photographs and then entertaining around the tables during the wedding breakfast. There is also an option for the Groom, during his speech, to surprise the guests by returning items they have previously pickpocketed! The 3 Magicians did this at the wedding of a Liverpool FC player, and were featured doing this in OK! magazine.

This act is explained in much more detail on the page: Magic on the Menu.